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Fingal Dublin Chamber of Commerce is a leading provider of export documentation services and is licenced by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation and Chambers Ireland to issue and certify Certificates of Origin (EU Certs & Arab-Irish Certs) and provides other certification services for companies including invoices and other company documents. The Chamber also provides a service for documents to be notarised by a Notary Public and/or Apostilled by the Department of Foreign Affairs and a legalisation service where required with foreign embassies.

The following are standard fees charged for export documentation services
(These revised fees apply as and from the 1st April 2015)

 Certs of Origin                                                                                          Chamber Members               Non Members

• EU Certificates of Origin                                                    €22.00 per cert                  €32.00 per cert
• Arab Irish Certificates of Origin                                          €22.00 per cert                  €32.00 per cert
• Certification of Invoices etc.                                              €20.00 per document          €30.00 per document

On-line Certification (additional charges)

• Cert of Origin                                                                   €5.00 per cert                     €5.00 per cert
• Invoices etc.                                                                    €2.50 per document            €2.50 per document

The Chamber provides a secure on-line digital document certification service through TradeCert. The service is used by exporters and shipping agents to sign, stamp and certify certs of origin and documents using digital signatures. The service is fast, efficient, flexible and user friendly. The additional charge is included in the Chamber invoice.

Full Servicewhere requested           

• Cert of Origin                                                                   €20.00 per full service         €30.00 per full service       

The Chamber provides on request a full service for clients who wish the Chamber to print out and certify certs of origin and/or invoices/company documents. This saves time and is a fast efficient service. More details of this service can be obtained from the Chamber office.

Company Documents                  

• Certification of Documents                                                 €20.00 per document           €30.00 per document
• Notary Public                                                                    €50.00 per document
• Apostille (Dept. of Foreign Affairs)                                       €10.00 - €40.00 per document
• Legalisation – Arab Irish Chamber                                       Costs vary from country to country
• Legalisation – Egypt                                                           €80.00 per document
• Legalisation – China                                                           €40.00 per document

• Legalisation fees for other countries can be checked as and when required.

Copies of Company Documents/Invoices

Please note that a copy of all company documents, invoices etc. must be provided when submitting them for certification. In the case of company documents/ invoices etc. for certification/legalisation by the Arab-Irish Chamber, three copies is required. Photocopying of company documents, invoices etc. by the Chamber Office will be charged at a rate of €1.00 per page subject to a minimum charge of €5.00.

For further information on Certs of Origin contact the Chamber office on 8900977.

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