Fingal Dublin Chamber Membership Benefits

Fingal Dublin Chamber has provided leadership for the business community for nearly 20 years and is the leading and most influential network for businesses in the Fingal Dubin Region.


With nearly 350 business members who employ an estimated 20,000+ staff across every business sector, the Chamber actively promotes, lobbies and represents the business community at every level.  The Chamber provides networking opportunitites and a range of services for Members while actively promoting and supporting a strong sustainable local economy.  It has built strong relationships with local and national government and is an active member of Chambers Ireland, the national body representing Chambers of Commerce.

Creating a stronger local economy and promoting the community through leadership and by influencing business issues is a major part of the Chamber's work.  Now more than ever it is vital to have access to people, information and resources that can help grow your business which makes the Chamber a cost effective investment.


The Chamber provides extensive networking opportunities which are essential in today's environment.  Members can meet potential customers by attending our many events which is also an opportunity for you and your company to increase your visibility and raise your profile.  Membership of the Chamber provides exposure and information which are important ingredients for business success while also offering the following:

An opportunity to create a stronger local economy

Excellent Networking events

Promoting the community

Leadership and lobbying for businesses

Publishing and providing free of charge to members our Year Book which includes all members contact details and an overview of the events held throughout the year

Export documentation services which are a vital asset for any business involved in exporting

Certification & Exporting Documentation Services

The Chamber is a leading provider of export documentation services including handling all documents for certification and legalisation for trading partners througout the worlsd as well as a Notary Public and an Apostille service through the Departmentof Foreign Affairs. Companies can also avail of a secure online digital documentation certification system through TradeCert.

Corporate Respsonsibility Network

The Fingal Dublin Chamber has also set up the Fingal Corporate Responsibility Network Forum with founding partner PayPal.  The Network provides support for companies seeking to promote CSR as part of their efforts to act responsibly and build strong,ethical relationships with customers, suppliers, the community and the environment around them.

By joining now you will be immediately included on our website and have access to all the latest developments in the Fingal Region.














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